Enkelt smart fundament


BAYO.S is a European company based in Prague, pioneering in the development and manufacturing of Extendable Ground Screw foundations.
With in-house engineering, manufacturing and installation services, BAYO.S is a strong partner for worldwide projects.
With high-quality European manufacturing materials and sharing over 10 years of experience in the North American construction industry, one can be certain that BAYO.S supplied or installed projects will be built on a solid foundation. Literally!

Our unique ground screw technology offers many advantages: Installation is much faster, even in the case of complicated terrain and soil conditions, there are no harmful effects on the environment and it is all re-useable.
We are focused on producing a complete solution for our clients. We have developed a full range of ground screws, installation machines and hand-installation tools. Having development a full range of Ground Screw products, installations machines and load testing equipment, BAYO.S customers have access to turn key foundation solutions.


  • Made of S235 steel pipe
  • Screw threads made of DC01 tape
  • Hot-dip galvanized Steel, according to DIN EN ISO 1461